Lighting is an essential part of a room. It dictates the rooms use, its functionality, and mood. One could almost say that it is the most integral of any space.

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Iris Cristal is a Spanish artist that designs and produces impressive works of lighting art. Her chandeliers are innovative and modern whilst simultaneously displaying characters of history. Her atelier is where functionality meets history meets innovation meets art.
Using Bohemian specific. The very same material used during the 8th century in buildings such as Palace of Verailes in France and Milans La Scala.


Iris creates works of art that illuminate and inspire, the craftsmanship of her pieces are exquisite and display flawless perfection.
Life and Leisure Stellenbosch was inspired and in awe by Iris’s ability to create a piece that inspires, uplifts and dazzles without compromising on functionality and use. It is truly a work of art.