Being in the hospitality industry we meet all sorts of people from all walks of life and I can honestly say it’s a rewarding journey. Here at Life and Leisure Stellenbosch we not only play host to people needs but also celebrate the unique. We strive to show people beauty, style and comfort in ways that they might never have experienced. We embody history, culture and tradition whilst inviting and exploring innovative and modern creations.

This was recognised by one of our recent guests, Rita Kulesovaite, from Once upon my Travel

“Chic furniture, paintings, colours and playful patterns create a unique luxury feeling. They also have an outdoor pool, which you can use as a rest base after strolling around wineries. Breakfast in the morning was one of the best I’ve had in years; large selection of meats, vegetable, bread, fruits and set meals.”

We had the absolute pleasure of getting to know this young blogger from  Lithuania. This vibrant and charismatic young Lady was a joy to get to know and we wish her, her travels and her blog all the best and also lay in hopes to see her return one day.


Bon, voyage!